Diploma In Heritage Tourism


India’s rich and illustrious cultural heritage has long been a magnet for tourists, chronicled in the travelogues of numerous foreign visitors throughout history. Today, the landscape of the tourism industry is evolving, with various facets of “tourism culture” taking root in the country. The sector is expanding and embracing new dimensions, thanks to the pivotal role played by technology and social media.

In this dynamic environment, the Diploma in Heritage Tourism emerges as a crucial player, offering vocational education to individuals aspiring to become skilled professionals in the travel and tourism business. This diploma not only equips individuals with the necessary expertise but also contributes to the multifaceted growth of the tourism industry in India.

As the tourism sector continues to develop, the integration of technology and social media becomes increasingly pivotal. This synergy not only enhances the overall tourism experience but also opens up myriad employment opportunities. The vision of this course is to establish an organization comprising skilled and trained women who will play a significant role in promoting and advancing the travel and tourism business in India.

The Diploma in Heritage Tourism is not merely an educational program; it’s a pathway to creating a workforce that is adept at showcasing India’s cultural richness to the world. By providing vocational education, this course aims to empower individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the diverse and evolving landscape of the tourism industry. This, in turn, contributes to the overall development of the sector, generating employment opportunities for related and complementary industries and businesses.

In essence, the Diploma in Heritage Tourism is a catalyst for realizing the immense potential of India’s tourism industry. It aligns with the broader vision of fostering a skilled workforce, particularly focusing on women, to drive the growth and sustainability of the travel and tourism business in the country.


Travel and tourism are associated with various factors such as geography, history, culture, society, science, economics, and management. The tourism industry provides us with many opportunities in terms of economic and cultural aspects. Nowadays tourism sector has expanded beyond religion, trekking, pleasure, and entertainment, eco-tourism, agro-tourism, health tourism, sports tourism, heritage/historical tourism, adventure tourism, etc. The objectives are;

  • To Empower young women in this field by developing travel and tourism management skills
  • To provide theoretical, standardized, and practical knowledge promoting local businesses.
  • To Coordinate both the enhancement and dissemination of heritage sites.
  • To Provide geographical and cultural information achieving tourism development while maintaining the balance of the environment.

Diploma In Heritage Tourism

1. Practical knowledge and demonstrations
2. Expert’s Guidance
3. Regular tests, homework, and lots of practice/homework
4.Updated notes and study materials
5. Personal attention
6. Visits to tourism industries/businesses, study tours
7. Emphasis on skill development and personality development


The duration of this course will be one year, and the educational qualification required is a 12th pass. This course will consist of 3 months of work experience ‘internship’ .


Module 1 

Unit 1: Basics of Tourism  

Unit 2 : Travel, Tour and Transport  

Unit 3 : Strategic Management  

Unit 4 : International tourism  


Module 2 

Unit 1 : Geographical information and indications of India  

Unit 2 : Culture and Heritage of India  

Unit 3 : Ancient Indian Architecture and heritage site 

Unit 4 : UNIT 4: Lokrang: Folk Culture of India  


Module 3 

UNIT 1: Business Communication  

UNIT 2: Personality Development  

UNIT 3: Organizational Skills  

UNIT 4: Language Skills, Conversation and Etiquette (Hindi, Marathi and English)  


Module 4 

UNIT 1: Accounting in Tourism Business  

UNIT 2: Marketing  

UNIT 3: Computer  

UNIT 4: Disaster Management  


Module 5 

Unit 1: Project  

Unit 2: Assignments and visit to Industry  

Unit 3 : Outstation tour and local trip 

Unit 4: Expert’s Lectures  

OPPORTUNITIES in Tourism Industry

Private organisations and Government of India has taken several measures to promote tourism in the country; this trend is likely to continue. According to the FICCI, India’s travel market is projected to expand to US$ 125 billion by 2027. The tourism and hospitality industry is among the country’s largest job providers. In FY20, the tourism sector provided 79.86 million direct and indirect jobs. This trend is expected to continue and help India generate foreign exchange earnings. Moreover, India is likely to focus heavily on the rich culture and heritage and incredible landscape. There are plenty of job opportunities ;  

  • Heritage Tour Manager  
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Tour Manager
  • Heritage Tourism Officer
  • Tourist Information Centre Manager
  • Heritage Tour Consultant in the Tourism Industry
  • Tour guide
  • Tour Operator 

Heritage Tourism also supports indirect employment as information officers in Museums, monuments, religious sites, activities like photography of heritage sites, exhibitions,  tourists facilities, supply of local artefacts, GI products and many more  

Admission Open 2024-25

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