Grooming and Entrepreneur activity was initiated by the Fashion department of MNVTI with the aim to create young entrepreneurs.

Students need to be equipped with entrepreneurship skills from their learning years so as to make them self-employed and self-reliant 

Our focus is on recognizing and tapping the talent of the students and providing more skills-oriented training sessions to students which will assist them in starting their own business. Through this unique program, many students get an experience of the entire process from production to sales.

Firstly students develop different products using various surface ornamentation techniques learnt in their course such as Block Printing, Tie and Dye, Batik, Screen Printing, Embroidery, Fabric Manipulations etc. A whole range of useful, environment friendly and creative products are identified and made by the students with the support and mentoring of their teachers. Some of them are 

  • Eco-friendly Jute and Muslin bags 
  • Colourful Bandhini and Tie and Dye Diaries, 
  • Vibrant Bandhani Stoles, 
  • Traditional Batik Dupattas, 
  • Pastel coloured Handkerchief, 
  • Embroidered Kurti materials, 
  • Exquisite Block Printed Sarees, 
  • Pure cotton Fabric Masks 
  • Innovative Jewelry 

These handcrafted items are designed and sold at the Saturday Bazar. The Saturday Bazar is an initiative taken by MNVTI where the students get an opportunity to display their handmade products and work toward marketing and selling them, thereby providing them with live business training. 

They learn to interact with customers, display products effectively and elegantly, packing, billing and taking orders and meeting them.

Additionally we have started our inhouse customized production and have been engaging our alumni of MNVTI with stitching orders.