It’s raining heavily marking the arrival of monsoon. It looks as though a beautiful green velvet layer is spread all over the mountains and farms. There is a Nadruk tree in front of me. I am not sure why but I feel so connected with that tree. The beauty of that tree has been enhanced due to the uneven droplets of rain and cold blowing winds I start going down memory lane, remembering my organization, my (life at MNVTI). My life in that world, and I start remembering all the sweet memories and moments. I am very attached to MNVTI.

I belong to a small village called Bhivrigaon, near Saswad. For the first time I left my village and taluka for education, as I was dedicated towards my career and secondly I never wanted to get married after completing  BSC. I wanted to follow my passion. 

When I entered MNVTI for the first time I felt so connected and comfortable as the college campus is eco-friendly and a lot of trees beautify the surroundings. Since I come from a vernacular schooling background – I was nervous on my first day, however the entire college atmosphere is friendly, warm and wonderful. 

Since everything was new for me, I was a bit nervous, even afraid to introduce myself on my first day of college. I still remember the Fresher’s party and events introduced by seniors, which I enjoyed a lot.

I found that the campus provides all the techno savvy infrastructure with teachers who are very supportive and understanding. The college and the staff helped me in my education and economic difficulties so that I could complete my diploma smoothly.

Soon all aspects of my branch and the scope in Interior Designing was explained to us as students. The course at MNVTI for Interior Designing is designed in such a manner that all the technicalities are not just explained through expert teachers but also practically performed by students and all the queries and doubts for the same are catered to within classroom sessions and industry visits specially designed for students with or without any background of the subject. 

Although we came from different backgrounds, we were made comfortable by the expert yet friendly and supportive staff; they taught everything from basics in order to get a knack of the subject and the skills required to become a professional Interior Designer

All the queries and doubts were answered until the students like me were clarified with the concepts and practicalities. The A & I Digest program was the most unique and amazing experience for us, I could interact with a lot of established and experienced professionals within the Interior Designing Industry which enhanced my knowledge.

A lot of competitions like Star of MNVTI, exhibitions, industry visits were arranges. Along with the same – a live project was given to small groups of students for which I too was selected. That really made my family and friends very proud. I consider it to be a great achievement myself.

Site visits which were arranged by the college were also very helpful and informative, we learnt practical aspects of respective subjects. 

The head of the Department, Mrs. Madhavi Shinde Mam and the most senior faculty Mr.Channapattan carry an extensive and rich knowledge, because of whom working on live projects becomes extremely easy and a piece of cake for all the students who pass out from here. I was a part of a live project to design a 4 BHK bungalow. Consider it to be my greatest academic achievement till date.

The teachers here teach us, considering all aspects and with passion. I can definitely say that MNVTI is one of the best Interior Designing colleges in Pune and Maharashtra.

I will always cherish all the memories and moments with my teachers and friends forever.

– Pratiksha M. Ghisare