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Post Diploma in Interior Design

Post Diploma in Interior Design

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Welcome to the Department of interior Designing

Afflicted Diploma Courses


The department offers 1 year part time, post diploma program in Interior design stream .This course is designed and detailed as per the norms of MSBTE and Director of Technical Education (DTE) Mumbai and affiliated to MSBTE, Mumbai. This course was started at the MNVTI in 2002. The intake is of 60 students for ID.

Sustainable or green designing is the need of the hour today and hence every designer crave to create the spaces which are favorable to to the growth of ecosystem.The emphasis is given on this aspect in this course and you learn about green interiors in this.

Beside this, you get an opportunity to select one subject as an elective subject(specialization) .It includes product design, set design, visual display etc.

You are supposed to undergo research work ,which makes you a thinker,explorer and different from other designers.You’ll definitely be equipped with some special skills.

The department is declared by MSBTE academic monitoring committee as “Excellent” for the academic year 2012-2014.

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Post diploma in Interior design has got tremendous potentials it emphasis on sustainable and green interiors,which cultivates sensitivity towards nature in us.

It is the first duty of an individual to save an environment,so by doing this course you’ll be extremely sensitive and responsible towards saving environment through your profession. This will give you satisfaction of work as well as peace of mind.

The knowledge imparted to you is through the experts who has worked for more than 30 years,in the field.
Along with the sustainable design you will be specialized in one of the subject ,which will keep you above the others.

We believe that this is just the beginning of the voyage called INTERIOR world.

Come on enjoy this beautiful journey!!!


Head of the Department
Karvenagar, Pune.

Eligibility and Admission Procedure for I.R.
Intake : 60
Duration : 1 Year. Part time
Recognition : M.S.B.T.E.,Mumbai

A Candidate should have passed the diploma of ID of M.S.B.T.E.
for more details please go through the website www.msbte.com
• Diploma originalmark sheet
• School leaving certificate
• Gap certificate [If applicable]

Certificates required as per the norms laid down by admission authority. Kindly go through the brochure available on the website of the MSBTE website.

College Fees-
For courses affiliated to University of Pune, ShikshanShulkSamiti – SSS formulated by Government of Maharashtra is the authority for determining fees. Interim and final fees, which will be declared by SSS, will be final binding on the college and the students. An undertaking in the prescribed format to this effect will have to be submitted by the students and their parents at the time of admission. Her admission will be confirmed only after the fees have been paid completely. Refer website dte.org.inwww.sspnsamiti.gov.in

Transfer of Admission-
The application of the students who have passed the previous year from other college for 2nd year can be considered. They are advised to confirm the MSBTE rules.

All aspiring students to this course must follow [Code of] ‘Conduct and Discipline’ of MNVTI.

Alumnae are working with some renowned firms of interior designing as well as practicing on their own.Most of the students are placed from the institute itself.

We are proud to be associated with…
• Indian Institute of interior designers
• Deasra Foundation
• Kirloskar Vasundhara Festival
• Federation of Film Societies of India